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A California woman whose son was paralyzed and then died as a result of an encounter with police is now suing the Stanislaus County (CA) Sheriff’s Department. Forty-year old Anthony Silva died in September 2023 after a year-long struggle with severe injuries, including a broken neck and back, and collapsed lungs. In the October 8, 2022, incident, which has sparked public outrage, Silva was handcuffed and forcefully taken down headfirst to the ground. It’s not clear from the body camera video why police were arresting Silva.


Silva’s family recently obtained the body camera footage that shows the disturbing moments leading to Silva's paralysis and wrongful death. Despite his repeated pleas for help and stating his inability to move, the officers involved dismissed his complaints. This treatment continued for about 30 minutes until medical personnel arrived.


The lawsuit filed by Silva’s mother, Dorothy Heimbach, highlights the severity of the police actions and the subsequent impact on Silva's health. The Stanislaus Sheriff’s Department, adhering to its policy regarding ongoing civil litigation, has refrained from public comment on the matter.

The case raises critical questions about police conduct and accountability, including the legal implications of excessive force and indifference to serious medical needs.

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RIP Anthony! Until police are held accountable for killing the non-violent suspects they encounter (the dude was handcuffed and just started getting noisy), I don't expect the public discourse to change anytime soon. So sad that we still have a "protected class" based on qualifications that take a minimum of 6 months and an associates degree on average. I can't bear to watch the video again. The impact, the neglect, the lack of justice. My heart goes out to the family. I couldn't imagine what he felt in those moments. Rest in peace.

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