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1. Embedded Content


The Accountability Alert website and newsletter(s) includes embedded content ("Embedded Content") such as videos, images, articles, etc. This Embedded Content is not hosted on our servers and is provided for informational, educational, and commentary purposes only. The Embedded Content is made available to our users under the terms and conditions set by the respective third-party platforms (e.g., YouTube) where such content is originally hosted.


2. Copyright and Ownership


All Embedded Content remains the intellectual property of its respective owners. We do not claim any ownership rights over the Embedded Content. The use of Embedded Content on our website does not imply any endorsement by or affiliation with the owners of such content.


3. Purpose of Use


The Embedded Content is used to enhance our original content and is intended to provide additional context, commentary, or analysis. It is not the primary focus of our website or subscription service. Our subscription fees are charged for access to our original content and services, not for the Embedded Content.


4. Responsibility


We are not responsible for any changes, removal, or unavailability of the Embedded Content as these are controlled by the third-party platforms and content owners. We make no warranties regarding the accuracy, completeness, or reliability of the Embedded Content.


5. User Obligations


Users agree not to misuse the Embedded Content in any way that may infringe upon the rights of the content owners or violate the terms of service of the third-party platforms. Users should refer to the original source of the Embedded Content for their terms and conditions.


6. Removal Requests


If you are the owner of Embedded Content and wish for it to be removed from our website, please contact us at, and we will promptly address your request in accordance with applicable laws and our policies.

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