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The Accountability Alert Police Interaction Simulator

Welcome to our one-of-a-kind Police Interaction Simulator, the ultimate training ground for navigating the nuances of police interactions. The Simulator offers you a chance to navigate through various real-world scenarios – from traffic stops to protests to filming in government buildings – all while having fun and safely exploring the boundaries of your rights. Test your decision-making skills, tackle challenging situations, and discover the outcomes of different "what if" scenarios in a risk-free environment where every choice matters.


To get started, click the button below and begin by asking the Simulator to create a scenario, or create your own scenario. The Simulator will even give you feedback at the end to let you know how well you did. If for any reason the Simulator fails to give a specific response to one of your inquiries, feel free to push the Simulator to be more specific.

Note: While the Police Interaction Simulator is currently available at no cost, we may be required to introduce a fee in the future to cover the computing and processing charges incurred with each use.

Simulation Resources

Before you embark on the Police Interaction Simulator, we invite you to explore two invaluable resources designed to enhance your preparedness and confidence. First, delve into our detailed Sample Simulation, which offers a written walkthrough of a typical simulation, providing insights into the flow of interactions and potential outcomes. Next, arm yourself with knowledge through our curated list of Common Questions and Responses. This guide presents typical questions you may encounter during a First Amendment audit and suggests informed responses to maintain your rights. Both resources serve as a foundational toolkit to navigate the simulations with greater awareness and understanding.

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