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Know Rights, No Fears – Accountability Starts Here!

Welcome to Accountability Alert, your premier resource for championing civil liberties through informed action. Our mission is to empower individuals with knowledge and tools to uphold the rights articulated in the U.S. Constitution. Whether you're learning the ropes of First Amendment auditing or seeking to protect your freedoms, we're here for you.


Our features include news about recent happenings in the police accountability world and a comprehensive database of pivotal court cases shaping our civil liberties, including the rights embodied in the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments.. You can experience real-world scenarios with our AI-driven police interaction simulator and gain practical guidance on engaging with law enforcement. Stay updated with our blog, celebrate the successes of popular auditors in our community, and subscribe to our newsletter for a curated selection of impactful audit videos.

Join Our Community: Submit News and Guest Blogs


Your voice is pivotal to our mission. We actively encourage our readers to reach out to us with news, updates, and stories from the First Amendment community. If you encounter incidents or developments that merit attention, or if you have suggestions for guest bloggers who can enrich our discourse, please let us know. We aim to report on the issues that matter to you and offer a diverse range of perspectives through our platform.

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