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Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Hello, champions of freedom, vigilant copwatchers, and digital activists! You've discovered our first post on Audit Watch. It's more than just a blog. It's a crusade for civil rights. Blending the allure of viral content with the incisiveness of investigative journalism, we're here to educate, entertain, and inspire change.

Our focus? The critical issues surrounding our constitutional freedoms, particularly First Amendment and Fourth Amendment rights. While we approach these topics with a mix of seriousness and a dash of humor, our goal remains steadfast: to challenge complacency in civil liberties education.

man in the middle of a crowd shouting into a megaphone, representing freedom of speech

Accountability Alert emerged from a simple truth: common sense around civil rights is not so common. Too often, public officials treat 'freedom of speech' and 'unreasonable search and seizure' as mere suggestions. We're here to inject a dose of awareness into this overlooked arena.

Our mission is clear: empower you with knowledge to hold constitutional guardians accountable. It's a daunting task, given the number of oath-takers who lack a deep understanding of the oath they just took.

Central to our mission is spreading the word about those who advocate for government transparency. Through our upcoming Accountability Alert e-bulletin, we'll showcase the most impactful First Amendment audits from the past 48 hours, featuring both egregious and exemplary public official interactions, and spotlighting key constitutional debates.

Whether you resonate with the respectful assertiveness of Long Island Audit, the expertise and gentle manner of Honor Your Oath Civil Rights Investigations, or the boldness (but somewhat obnoxiousness) of Press NH Now, we've got you covered. Our e-bulletin will keep you informed about the most significant and engaging First Amendment audits.

Interested in navigating police encounters effectively? Try our AI-powered, one-of-a-kind Police Interaction Simulator. This tool isn't just for practice; it's an immersive civil rights journey. Learn to assert your rights and challenge overreach in a risk-free environment, preparing you for real-world interactions. Not only is the interaction simulator educational, it’s fun! Unleash your creativity in crafting compelling scenarios and in responding to officers’ unlawful commands. You can boldly confront public officials who are more ego-driven than law-abiding – the only limit is your imagination.

Best of all, the simulator will conclude your interaction by giving you feedback on how well you performed. Whether you input real scenarios or let the simulator generate them for you, you'll gain invaluable insights into exercising your rights.

But there's more to Accountability Alert than just interactive tools. We offer concise, accessible summaries of a broad range of pivotal court rulings that bear directly on the work of First Amendment auditors. We strip away the legalese to provide you with practical, usable knowledge. And of course we provide links in case in case you want to delve into the details of each case.

So welcome to Accountability Alert, where we blend freedom, fun, and a touch of sarcasm. Use our Police Interaction Simulator, subscribe to our e-bulletin, and join us in reminding public officials that our rights are not mere words but principles we live by daily.

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