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A Palm Beach, Florida, man is suing a former Palm Beach Police officer for pulling a gun on him and arresting him improperly. This incident occurred after Ryan Gould called the police for help when a man threatened him with a gun. The altercation, which was widely covered on social media platforms like YouTube and TikTok, led to Officer Bethany Guerriero 's dismissal from the police department for violating several department policies.


The lawsuit details the events of May 9, 2023. Gould had a dispute at his apartment complex's pool, leading to a confrontation where a man with whom he was arguing showed a gun. When police arrived, Gould, who was unarmed and in a bathing suit, was mistakenly targeted by Guerriero. Despite complying with the officer's commands and showing he was unarmed, Guerriero drew her weapon, forced Gould to the ground, and arrested him.


Gould was later released before being processed in jail, and Guerriero, who complained of health issues, left the scene. The Palm Beach Police Department's investigation into the incident resulted in Guerriero's termination in August for policy violations. Gould's lawsuit claims he suffered physical injury, emotional damage, mental suffering, lost wages, and other damages, leading him to relocate to Illinois.


Gould's attorney, James Slater, emphasized that Gould was victimized twice on the day of the incident: first by the man at the pool and then by the police officers. Slater expressed a commitment to seeking justice for Gould. As of the lawsuit filing, Guerriero had not appointed an attorney and was unavailable for comment.

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