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reporter holds slushie cop similar to what cops have been throwing at cvilians

Over two dozen videos have been released showcasing former Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD) officers engaging in disturbing behavior. The videos, recorded by the officers themselves, depict Bryan Wilson and Curt Flynn, while on patrol in unmarked cars, targeting unsuspecting pedestrians and cyclists. They are seen throwing large gas station sodas or slushies at these individuals and then quickly driving away, often laughing hysterically. This behavior led to an FBI investigation, first reported by WAVE News Troubleshooters in 2021.


The impact of these actions was not just a mere prank but had serious consequences. In one instance, a person was knocked down by the thrown drink. While some victims yelled back, most were caught off guard and couldn't respond as the officers sped away. This conduct led to Wilson and Flynn pleading guilty in federal court for violating the civil rights of residents. Both officers received prison sentences, with Flynn already having served his three-month term and Wilson concurrently serving a 30-month sentence for stalking.


The broader implications of this incident have been significant for the LMPD. The unit to which Wilson and Flynn belonged, the Ninth Mobile Unit, was disbanded following a series of scandals. This case has also contributed to ongoing negotiations between the city and the Justice Department regarding investigations into patterns of abuse of civil rights by LMPD officers. This incident – yet another example of cops misbehaving – underscores a troubling pattern within the department and raises serious concerns about the conduct and accountability of law enforcement officers.

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