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Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Ever had that sinking, confused feeling during a traffic stop or police interaction. Your mind is racing, you don’t want to say anything wrong, and you may be feeling intimidated by the person in uniform standing in front of you.

man holding up a cell phone showing his attorney as he speaks to a police officer

Well, that's where two of the leaders in the First Amendment audit community – LackLuster and Long Island Audit – are betting the new Attorney Shield can help. Pull out the app and take the pressure off. Think of it as your legal superhero in an app – quick, reliable, and always ready to defend your civil liberties.

Is all the buzz justified? We think so, as long as you remember to use it!

Attorney Shield seems like a surefire tool to make sure you can stand up for your rights? Whip out Attorney Shield, and bam – you're connected to a real, live attorney in less than 30 seconds. Plus, everything's recorded and safely stored in the cloud. Talk about having your back!

Having access to a lawyer at that critical moment is much more important than connecting with your attorney after the officer has issued the ticket or, worse yet, after you’ve been hauled down to the station. That immediate access means no slip-ups, no statement that can later be used against you, just the important protection you need right then.

The app helps you navigate those tricky First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendment waters. The entire interaction is recorded, meaning that not only are you protected, but any slip-up from the other side is captured. The key is that in the midst of the chaos and confusion that can come with a police interaction that you remain calm enough to remember that Attorney Shield is in your pocket.

One of the most important things we as a community can do to advance the civil liberties / stand up for your rights movement is to continue building a powerful arsenal of tools. Attorney Shield will soon become one of these tools. And if we at Accountability Alert can toot our own horn, we’re also doing our best to add to the arsenal. That includes our AI-powered Police Interaction Simulator, which serves as an outstanding educational and training tool. Out Accountability Alert bulletin identifies important, recent First Amendment audits and reports on important developments in the field.

Attorney Shield stands out as an essential innovation in legal support tools. It’s about being prepared, protected, and empowered, especially when you're navigating the often murky waters of traffic stops and police chats. And hey, with our newsletter and simulator in the mix, you're not just ready; you're two steps ahead. 🚓🛡️👨‍⚖️

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