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Inside Edition

In a dramatic turn of events, a SWAT team in Indiana mistakenly raided the wrong house while searching for a murder suspect. The incident, captured in a nail-biting video, shows the team with guns drawn, meticulously searching the house. The family living there, however, was not connected to the crime. The mother of the household, Amy Hadley, reported that her home was completely ransacked by the officers.

The police were tracking the suspect through his Facebook account and were misinformed by an internet provider that the suspect was using a device inside Hadley's house. This led to the SWAT team surrounding the property and ordering everyone outside. Hadley's 15-year-old son complied, exiting the house with his hands up. Despite Hadley and her daughter's attempts to inform the officers of their mistake, the police proceeded to launch tear gas grenades into the house, causing significant damage. Windows were shattered, walls were punctured, and furniture and closets were left in disarray.

The raid, which occurred 18 months prior to the video's release, forced Hadley and her son to sleep outside due to the severity of the tear gas. Despite the havoc wreaked on her property, Hadley received neither an apology nor an offer to cover the damages from the police. She has since filed a lawsuit for the cost of repairs. The police department, citing pending litigation, has refrained from commenting on the incident. The actual suspect was apprehended four days after the mistaken raid.

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