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Honor Your Oath

This video highlights the tragic saga of Vergilio Aguilar-Mendez, an 18-year old man who has been held in jail unjustly for seven months without the possibility of bail. On the night of May 19, 2023, Aguilar-Mendez was outside a Super 8 Motel in St. Augustine, Florida, where Aguilar-Mendez was staying. He was eating food and talking to his mother on the phone.

Sergeant Micael Kunovich approached Aguilar-Mendez, who was not doing anything illegal or threatening. Despite a language barrier, Aguilar-Mendez attempted to explain that he was staying at the motel. For an unknown reason, Sergeant Kunovich detained Aguilar-Mendez. Sergeant Kunovich quickly escalated the situation, tased Aguilar-Mendez multiple times, and arrested him for resisting an officer with violence.

Tragically, Sergeant Kunovich later collapsed due to a medical emergency and passed away at a local hospital from an apparent heart attack. Following this, Aguilar-Mendez was charged with manslaughter for the death of Sergeant Kunovich.

Honor Your Oath persuasively argues that Aguilar-Mendez is innocent and is being wrongfully charged. He highlights the lack of criminal activity by Aguilar-Mendez and criticizes the actions of Sergeant Kunovich and the St. Johns County Sheriff's Office.

Honor Your Oath shares personal experiences of being approached by deputies while engaging in lawful activities at night, suggesting a pattern of behavior by the Sheriff's Office. The video concludes by calling out Sheriff Rob Hardwick for allegedly covering up the incident and misleading the public about the circumstances of Sergeant Kunovich's death. He urges viewers to to petition the State Attorney’s Office for Florida’s Seventh Judicial Circuit and the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office to demand justice for Aguilar-Mendez.

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