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A recent incident has sparked controversy in St. Louis after a police SUV, driven by two city probation officers, crashed into Bar PM, an LGBTQ bar. The crash led to the arrest of the bar's co-owners, a married gay couple, Chad Morris and James Pence, who confronted the officers. Javad Khazaeli, a civil rights attorney representing the couple, is now calling for the charges against his clients to be dropped and is considering legal action against the St. Louis Police Department.

The incident occurred when the police SUV, traveling at high speed, swerved and crashed into the bar. Initially, officers claimed they swerved to avoid a dog, but later said it was to avoid a parked car. Video footage shared by Khazaeli on social media raises questions about the police department's explanation. The lack of emergency lights on the police car and the absence of statements regarding whether the officers were tested for drugs or alcohol have also been highlighted.

During the confrontation, Morris and Pence were detained, and Morris was later charged with third-degree assault against a special victim and resisting or interfering with an arrest. Khazaeli described the police's approach as aggressive and criticized the handling of Morris's arrest, detailing injuries including a black eye and scratches. The St. Louis Metropolitan Police spokesperson confirmed the charges, which were later reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. The incident has raised concerns about police conduct and transparency in St. Louis.

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