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woman washing a police car

In Williamsport, Pennsylvania, Mercheleyn Shane Fisher, a 30-year-old Philadelphia woman, has been re-sentenced to wash police vehicles in Lycoming County as part of her community service. This unique sentence was reimposed by Judge Eric R. Linhardt after a state Superior Court panel had previously vacated the original sentence, deeming it illegal due to the lack of statutory authority for community service without probation. Fisher, found guilty of disorderly conduct and a vehicular equipment charge, now faces a sentence that includes 3 to 30 days in prison, 24 hours of community service, and a 60-day probation period. She has also been fined for her offenses.


The re-sentencing comes with a new condition of a 60-day probation period during which Fisher must complete her community service. This adjustment addresses the legal issue raised by the Superior Court panel. Assistant public defender Tyler S. Calkins asked that she be permitted to fulfill the car-washing part of the sentence in Philadelphia, arguing that the sentence is burdensome for Fisher, who is a mother of three, owns a cleaning business, and is a student. Despite these concerns, Judge Linhardt insisted on the community service being carried out in South Williamsport, citing its symbolic value and potential for positive exposure to law enforcement.


The case stems from an incident on September 19, 2021, when Fisher was stopped by South Williamsport Officer Gareck Esposito for a window tint violation. The situation escalated due to Fisher's questioning of the officer's actions and refusal to comply with directives, leading to her charges. Judge Linhardt emphasized the need for the sentence to serve as a deterrent and a form of restitution, expressing concern over Fisher's lack of accountability for her actions during the trial.

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