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Two Virginia sheriff's deputies have been indicted following a traffic stop incident that resulted in the death of 77-year-old Ralph Ennis. The incident, which occurred in April 2022 in Warren County, was captured on video and shows a deputy forcefully handling Ennis, causing his face to hit the back of his truck. This altercation led to Ennis being hospitalized for facial cuts.

Upon hospitalization, doctors discovered that Ennis had suffered a brain hemorrhage. Additionally, they identified symptoms of dementia or Alzheimer's in him. Tragically, Ennis passed away 13 days after the incident. The video and subsequent medical findings played a crucial role in the investigation and legal proceedings that followed.

As a result of the incident, former deputy Zachary Fegley has been charged with malicious wounding, and Deputy Tyler Poe faces charges of unlawful wounding. The indictment of these deputies highlights serious concerns regarding the use of force by law enforcement, especially involving elderly individuals and those with potential cognitive impairments. The case has garnered attention, shedding light on the need for careful and humane handling of such sensitive situations by police officers.

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