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Tyrant Terminator Audits!!!

The video features Tyrant Terminator Audits!!! conducting a First Amendment audit at the Board of Education in North Chicago, Illinois. He enters the building to document it and file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request. Initially, he interacts with a staff member named Carla and then with another employee, who directs him to the Deputy Superintendent, Oscar Hawthorne.

Hawthorne immediately turns hostile and tells TTA to stop recording and leave the premises. He asserts that the auditor is trespassing and threatens to call the police. When TTA tries to explain why he is there, Hawthorne repeatedly interrupts him. Despite this, the auditor insists on his right to record in public spaces and continues his audit.

The Director of Human Resources arrives. In contrast to Hawthorne, she assists TTA professionally, allowing him to file his FOIA request and providing guidance on the process. The auditor praises Mrs. Kimberly for her professionalism in handling the situation.

The police arrive and Hawthorne relays a distorted event of what has happened. The officer comes inside but does not confront TTA.

Throughout the video, TTA remains calm and professional. He emphasizes his right to record in public spaces and his intention to hold public officials accountable. He expresses frustration with Hawthorne's unprofessional behavior and plans to file a complaint against him. The video concludes with the auditor successfully completing his audit and FOIA request, and he plans to follow up on the complaint against Hawthorne.

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