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Denver Metro Audits

The video is a compilation of various encounters between Denver Metro Audits and law enforcement officers. In one especially outrageous interaction, an officer violently pushes a man to the ground who is holding a camera.

The video showcases situations where the officers are clearly driven by ego over law and overstep their authority or react inappropriately to the presence of a camera. The officers clearly know the boundaries of the law and push several interactions to the brink before backing down.

In several instances, DMA is confronted by police officers who demand that he move from a public sidewalk, with some officers getting physically close to him in a manner that appears confrontational. DMA repeatedly asserts his right to record in public spaces and challenges the officers' claims that he is obstructing their work or trespassing.

Throughout the video, there are heated exchanges where DMA questions the legality of the officers' directives and accuses them of intimidation tactics. He frequently reminds the officers of his First Amendment rights and questions their understanding of the law.

The video also includes interactions where DMA is accused of trying to provoke the officers for a lawsuit and where he is asked not to record certain individuals or scenes. Despite these requests, he insists on his right to record and continues to document the interactions.

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