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We The People University

The video from the channel "We The People University" features an incident involving a New York Police Department (NYPD) officer and a citizen who records the encounter. The citizen, operating the YouTube channel "Good Guy Activism," films an NYPD officer asleep in his patrol car. Upon waking, the officer is clearly embarrassed to have been discovered sleeping. H becomes physically confrontational with the citizen.

The exchange gets heated as Good Guy Activism asserts his right to record the officer, citing the "Right to Know Act," which requires NYPD officers to be transparent in their interactions with the public. The officer, identified as Officer Batista, is accused of not respecting the citizen's rights and is criticized for his conduct.

Throughout the encounter, Good Guy Activism challenges the officer's actions, emphasizing the importance of accountability and transparency in law enforcement. He is also angry frustration about the officer's initial physical response and lack of professionalism. The video concludes with Good Guy Activism continuing to assert his rights and criticizing the officer's behavior, while the officer eventually provides his name and badge number as required.

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