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Get the latest police
accountability news.

excerpt from Police Interaction Simulator

Master Police Interactions with Our Realistic Simulator

Experience real-world scenarios with our Police Interaction Simulator. Gain confidence and knowledge to handle police encounters effectively and know your rights.

  • Realistic scenarios based on common police interactions.

  • Expert-crafted responses to uphold your constitutional rights and ensure government transparency.

  • Interactive feedback to improve your understanding and approach.

Accountability Alert:
Protecting Our Civil Liberties

Accountability Alert champions the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments, supporting auditors who hold public officials accountable. Our Police Interaction Simulator offers a realistic, interactive experience to educate users on navigating encounters with law enforcement effectively and lawfully. Our e-bulletin (coming soon) will offer summaries of recent audits with links to the full YouTube videos, engaging subscribers in the defense of our constitutional rights.

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